Digi Class

‘Digiclass’, is the new venture of V V Rajan & Co Pvt Ltd -- takes technology into the classroom through technology based learning. This is an attempt to introduce change in schools using a computer-based curriculum innovation for teaching higher-order thinking skills to students.


An LCD TV replaces blackboards in schools for the students’ convenience. The digital classroom is the latest concept at school level. It is a Curriculum-Specific Digital Classroom Teaching Aid.


The content has been prepared for classes I to X with the aid of visuals ·


class-wise ·

subject-wise : English, Maths, Science and Social Studies ·





It helps teachers to explain the visuals in their own words and also retain their personal touch in teaching. ·


It has a unique topic related assessment procedure with pre lesson questions, objective questions and exercise questions. ·


It enables the teachers to gauge the understanding of the students. ·


The burden on teachers is lessened to a great deal and they can concentrate more on creative work. ·


The performance of teachers can be monitored by the principal. Class wise, section wise and subject wise reports can be obtained.


Tests ·


The lessons include pre-lesson and post lesson assessment questions.


There are 30,000 multiple choice questions for assessment during lessons. ·


Recap can be done at any time during the chapter. At the end of the chapter there are points to remember for every lesson. · Test papers can be generated easily based on the syllabus and the total marks.

Digi School

Schools need to use multimedia, visually rich materials that capture the interest of students. This system can help teachers provide multiple paths to learning to students. It can enable students to collaborate with peers and gain access to more information related to their own interests, all of which can help engage their interest. Even the pace of the lessons can be adjusted for the students.


We provide Complete Package for the School. In case of any change in syllabus during the contract period, we provide the new content at no extra cost within a reasonable period.


We provide a staff at the school to co-ordinate and maintain the software and the hardware at our cost if the school has more than 6 Digiclass systems installed. We provide the service and maintenance of all the equipments and the software during the contract period.

Other publication

Children books – Phonics, Grammar, Reading trail (stories), Computer studies, GK, Atlas, Dictionary.


Writing note books – diaries, files, registers, notebooks, stationary items


Arts and Crafts - Creative Hands, Craft corner, Pencil shading,


Teacher Resources – charts, puzzles, flash cards, maps


Take Home Learning Packs – Abacus, Wooden toys